Car Repair Workshop and Vehicle service log software

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Application CarMECHANIC is designed to help running a car repair workshop. The software contains modules for work orders, fiscalization, billing, full service car inspection booklet, partner directory ...
It is possible to run multiple separate workshop under same company.


Program Benefits

The main advantage of this software above all others is that all the data is available ONLINE through a web browser. The App can be accessed with any LAPTOP , TABLET or SMARTPHONE .
This way, we avoid installing the program on a specific computer, and there is no risk of data loss due to infection of the computer with viruses.


The program dashboard displays basic and current business information. It contains an overview of recently issued invoices, open work orders, unpaid invoices, and service alarms intervals, registrations, and technical reviews.

In addition, there is Messager on the homepage, which allows internal communication between logged-in employees.

Basic Program Features

Dashboard - Control Panel

  • Service Work Orders
  • Cars
  • Invoices
  • Price list for services, parts and works
  • Cash flow review
  • Overview of partners and clients
  • Overview of employees and business units - Garages/Offices

Service Work Orders

A service work order is a basic document that records all services on cars.
The work order is bounded to the VEHICLE and the client.

Upon closing the work order, an invoice is automatically issued for the services, spare parts, etc. All the works are chronologically visible in the vehicle profile.

The following are some basic functions of Work orders::

  • Service Work order status can be OPEN:Open and CLOSE:Closed
  • Search work orders by garage/office, vehicle, customer, status, year, date...
  • Link between Service Work Order and issued invoice
  • Service mileage entry
  • Estimated service duration

Vehicle and fleet Management

Every vehicle for which we want to open a Service work order must be previously stored in the program.
When entering a vehicle, we collect info about car make, model, type, plates, color, engine data, service intervals and other data. By this inputs, we can generate various reports. After opening the Service work order, for each vehicle we will have the detailed overview of all the activities and services previously made.

  • View and filter all vehicles in the fleet
  • View earnings per vehicle
  • Vehicle archiving
  • Car photogallery
  • Registration expiry, leasing, service, fire extinguishing alarm...


With CarMECHANIC you have a complete system for invoicing from multiple locations/garages, FISCALIZATION and financial reports.
All the invoices are saved and can be viewed and printed anywhere at any time.

4 different types of account can be created:

  • Invoice (R1)
  • Storno invoice
  • Book Notice
  • Prepay invoice

An Invoice is automatically created when you close the Service work order with all the items written inside.

The following are some basic functions for creating and reviewing invoices:









Employees modul contains all users who will access software.
Each employee can be granted a set of privileges to gain or lose access to certain parts and modules of the program. Logging time logs are also available.

If your service has multiple point of sales or offices, all of them must be stored into OFFICES module. Each office has its own sequence of invoices with unique numbers.

  • View and manage Garages or Offices from which invoices and Service works will be issued. Each branch has its own account number sequence
  • View and manage employees database who use the program or open Service works. Each employee is granted access privileges.