Online invoicing/billing application

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Program RačuniPLUS is a simple application designed for invoicing and FISCALIZATION. Except invoices, you can also create offers and Bill of lading,.Invoicing Module offers a variety of invoice search filters, payment records, and different financial statements. Items, Staff, and partners Directory are also part of the application.


Program Benefits

The main advantage of this system which aparts it from the rest is that all the data is available ONLINE through a web browser. App can be accessed with any LAPTOP , TABLET or SMARTPHONE .
This way, we avoid installing the program on a specific computer, and there is no risk of data loss due to infection of the computer with viruses.


The program dashboard displays basic and current business information. It contains an overview of recently issued invoices, open offers and an overview of unpaid invoices.

In addition, there is Messager on the homepage, which allows internal communication between logged-in employees.

Basic Program Features

  • Računi
  • Offers
  • Bill of lading
  • Cash Flow moduls
  • Overview of partners and clients
  • Item Overview
  • Officess / Branches

Dashboard - Control Panel

Invoices / Offers / Bill of lading

Invoicing is primarily what this software does. Based on the customers, items and offices you previously entered, creating your invoice is super easy.
In addition to the invoices, OFFERS and Bill of lading documents are made in the same way.

It is very easy to convert an OFFER into an INVOICE, and multiple Bill of lading documents can also be converted into a single invoice with a summary view of all items included in multiple Bill of ladings.

The following are some basic functions of creating and reviewing an invoice:

  • FISCALIZATION (where available)
  • Pulling already saved items into the new invoice
  • Create invoices from multiple Bill of ladings
  • Creating multi-currency invoices
  • Different invoice statuses: PAID, PARTIALLY PAID and UNPAID.
  • Overview of invoice's payment history
  • Print invoices directly from your browser
  • Separate items with different tax rates
  • Advanced search engine for easily sort invoices
  • Payment overview by payment method


The item table, as the name implies, is an option where all the products or services that one company works with, can be used later in the creation of invoices, offers or Bill of lading. This way, the unification of the invoice items (always the same name for the each item) is achieved and the creation of the invoice is accelerated.

Items can also be grouped into common type groups.


The following information is required before creating an invoice:

  • Offices from which invoices will be issued. Each branch has its own invoice number sequence
  • Employees who can access program to creates invoices. Each employee is granted access privileges.
  • Detailed overview of clients with all contact information (invoice numbers, phones, web addresses, special notes ...)


The basic report in the program represents the income by offices, with the ability to filter the data by time period and payment method, but it is also possible to create any other report on the request of the customers, which will pull the data from items, invoices, offers and delivery notes.
< br /> Reports can be financial as well as related to any items we have in our database.

Reports are generally good for planning further steps in running your business.