Trip Tickets

Trip Tickets

Online excursions Ticket Sales Program

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Application TripTICKETS is designed for excursion providers where you can, in real-time, track your ticket sales by dates, point of sale, After the ticket is sold, the guest receives an electronic ticket with BARCODE via email. Partner Business Directory , plus a complete financial module with an overview of all invoices issued, fiscalisation and cash flow evidence for each sales location.
Multiple sales locations can be run.

  • Are you one-day trip or excursion organiser?
  • Do you have a real time view of the status of trips sold at all points of sale? Da li imate trenutni uvid u stanje prodanih izleta na svim prodajnim mjestima?
  • Do you still issue hand written paper tickets?
  • Do you have constant issues with invoicing?
  • Does it take long time to calculate commission to bookers and sub agents?
  • Not able to easily modify a quote and quickly publish it to everyone in sales chain?
  • etc.


If you are in the business of organizing and selling excursions and often encounter the issues listed above, then this application is right for you.

The Online Program contains the necessary functions required to operate, from invoicing, to electronic tickets and automatic Guests List creation.
See below for more on features.

Basic menus and program features
"Trip Tickets"

  • Tour Presentation and Sale Menu
  • Administration menu, internal business and management

1# Tour presentation and sale menu

  • Graphic view of confirmed trip dates
  • Tickets Check-In

1.1 Graphic view of confirmed trips

A basic page that shows all confirmed trip dates. This page serves as a showroom of the offer we show to our guest on tablet or display. With the big cover image of the excursion, the view provides basic information about the departure date and place, price, number of sold tickets and available places.
With just one click on the Tour we enter to the ticket sales interface. Here we enter the number of persons, name and basic guests information, and calculate the final price of the trip .
In the next step after confirming the sale of the excursion, invoice is automatically generate, to the amount defined in the ticket / voucher.

1.2 Tickets Check-In

The Tickets Check-In module offers to the guests the ability to check their tickets before the departure. Checking is done in a way that the barcode reader (in print or on mobile) reads BARCODE, and the guest presence is automatically recorded. Barcode reading is possible with a mobile phone or with an external portable bluetooth barcode reader.
After checking in all the guests thet are present, we have a Guest List recorded in the program. The list can be exported to PDF or printed out and later used when needed.

2# Administration menu, internal business and management

  • Dashboard
  • Excursions and one day-trips
  • Confirmed departures (Tours & Dates)
  • Vouchers/Tickets
  • Invoices and Fiscalisation
  • Partners
  • Sales points and offices
  • Staff - All Program Users

2.1 Dashboard

Front page or Dashboard shows basic and current business information as well as current finance status. It shows last sold tickets, total sold tickets, scheduled excursions and the latest issued invoices. In addition, there is a Messenger on the homepage, which enables internal communication between logged-in employees at different locations.

2.2 Excursions

This is the place where you enter all the excursions to which you want to sell the tickets. Each excursion has a bilingual title and description, itinerary, GPS location, PHOTOGALLERY ... The excursions are grouped into Trip Types (Sightseeing, Active, Gastro). Search is performed by Type or a keyword.
The excursions is the basis for the creation of a new "excursion depature" with a defined date and time of departure and the ability to issue vouchers. Excursions can also be archived.

2.3 Confirmed Departures (Excursion & Dates)

This is the place that have all confirmed excursions, with defined departure dates locations. This module allows us to see the current status of tickets, sold for each individual excursion, as well as the recommended price for adults and children. Earnings per excursion , as well as total, can be seen here. To get sell reports search is performed by several criteria: Excursion, date of departure , business year, or only by single excursion.
By simply clicking on any Tour, we open the excursion ticket sales form with all the tour details. Once the form is confirmed, the TICKET / VOUCHER is created. Invoice is also generated to the amount of the ticket. The resulting TICKET is sent to the guest by mail or printed on paper.

"End Booking" alarm indicates how much tickets are left before departure.

2.4 Tickets/Vouchers

List of all sold tickets. The basic table contains information about the customer, departure date, price, tour number this ticket is tied to, sales location, the number of sold ticket...

Search contains search filters by
  • Turi/terminu
  • Sales location
  • Booker who sold ticket
  • Excursion
  • Keyword
  • Departure date
  • Business Year
  • Payment Method
Tickets can have 4 statuses:
  • Open - Ticket sold, trip not started yet
  • Close - Checked Ticket, guest used the ticket
  • Cancel - Guest Canceled arrival
  • No Show - Guest did not appear


Each listing gives a cumulative number of guests and total earnings

2.5 Invoicing

With TripTICKETS you have a complete system for invoicing from multiple locations points of sale, FISCALIZATION and financial reports.
All invoices are saved and can be viewed and printed anywhere at any time.

The basic features of this module are:

  • Invoice listing with ability to quickly filter results
  • Invoice overview by status (paid / unpaid)
  • Customer debt records and payment overview
  • Fiscalization (where available)
  • Cash flow report and Daily Cash Reports
  • Foreign currency Invoices
  • Manually creating invoices not connected with a Ticket
  • Payment method overview
  • Integration with E-INVOICE (where available)

4 different account types can be created:

  • Invoice (R1)
  • Storno invoice
  • Book Notice
  • Prepay invoice

2.6 Partners

  • Internal directory of business partners and excursion providers.
  • All contacts in one place
  • Grouping partners (transfers, excursions, adventure, cleaning, foreign agencies, etc.)
  • View and modify current partner information

2.7 / 2.8 Point of sales / Offices / Employees and Bookers

Employees modul contains all users who will access software.
Each employee can be granted a set of privileges to gain or lose access to certain parts and modules of the program. Logging time logs are also available.

If your service has multiple point of sales or offices, all of them must be stored into OFFICES module. Each office has its own sequence of invoices with unique numbers.

  • View and manage Point of sales or Offices from which invoices or ticket will be issued. Each branch has its own account number sequence
  • View and manage employees database who use the program or sell tickets. Each employee is granted access privileges.