Online Construction Project Management Program

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NadzorPLUS is a software designed to track cost, measurement book, monthly invoicing and budget, additional works and construction site dynamic plans. The program helps in communication with the other participants in the project. Official documents and photos form the construction site can be exchanged.
The Invoicing and Multi Offers Analysis module are standard features of the software. The program is also used as a central archive for all the projects in the company, with real-time insights in archived projects.

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Software's dashboard provides basic and real-time information on current projects. It contains an overview of the projects we personally run, the projects of our colleagues and the 5 recently finished (completed) projects.

By selecting one of the project from the dashboard, we enter the project profile. This console contains:

  • Project details, names of designers, supervising engineers and project managers, building permit's information and approvals...
  • The current financial state in accordance with the last monthly financial bill/invoice
  • Chart view of the current monthly financial bill/invoice
  • Overview of the partners involved in the project and the messenger that allows to communicate with them.
  • List of the last five documents received


Basic menus and program features

  • Main menu
  • Project menu

1# Main Menu

  • View of all projects and link to each
  • BOQ's analisis
  • Billing/invoicing system
  • Partner and Customer Business Directory

1.1 List of all projects

Details of the selected project

Project dashboard or project profile showing basic and up-to-date project information as well as the current financial situation.

1.2 Multiple Cost Analisis and Comparison

Module COST ANALISIS offers the possibility to import several BOQs with price list to make an automatic comparison according to the set criteria. The program will give a basic price comparison by the total amount, but also comparisons by the type and the subtypes of works, or even by selected cost items.

1.3 Invoicing modul

With NadzorPLUS you have a complete system for invoicing from multiple offices, FISCALIZATION (where available) and financial reports.
All invoices are saved and can be viewed and printed anywhere and any time.

The basic features of this module are:

  • Invoice overview with advanced search engine.
  • Different invoice statuses: PAID, PARTIALLY PAID and UNPAID.
  • Customer's debt records and payment overview as well as the payment history
  • Fiscalization (where available)
  • Cash flow report and Daily Cash Reports
  • Creating multi-currency invoices
  • Manually creating invoices not connected with any Project
  • Payment method overview
  • Integration with E-INVOICE (where available)

1.4 Directory of Partners and Customers

  • Personal directory of business partners.
  • All contacts in one place
  • Grouping partners (designers, architects, engineers, contractors, ...)
  • View and update of program users
  • Allocation of privileges to program users

2# Project menu

  • Selected projects details
  • View of BOQ
  • Monthly bills/invoices overview
  • BOQ's overview according to different parameters
  • Measurement book
  • Documents and reports
  • Construction Site Photo Gallery

2.1 Projects details

A basic project page or project profile showing basic and up-to-date project information, as well as current financial status.

2.2 BOQ

The program offers the ability to manually create BOQ, as well as importing of BOQs prepared in excel.

Program remembers previously entered items in BOQ and offers them for the later use.

BOQ is entered according to group of works that you can select and manage. Each work group can contain a set of subgroups. Different financial reports and overviews can be displayed by each group and subgroup.

2.3 Monthly bills/invoices Overview

Once you have defined final BOQ and signed the contract with the contractor, you are entering the construction phase. At this point, you lock BOQ sheet and monitor the status of the construction through the monthly bill/invoice module.

You can track invoices by the number of the invoice or by the group of work being performed.

The overview of the current invoices gives an overview and quantity of the works in the previous invoice, as well as the already finishes quantity in current month.

In only one overview, the Invoicing Module shows the contracted quantities and amounts, amounts from the previous situation/month, and current amounts in the current (open) situation.
Each item in the selected invoice (that inholdes BOQ) is marked differently depending on whether the item was executed in the current month , whether this item was completed or already performed in any of the previous months.

In invoices with many items, it is very important to have a good overview of the items. For this purpose, a search filter has been created that can exclude non-running items (with a value of 0.00) or items with accomplished quantities ( works done ).
For better visibility, each item has a marker that defines the quantity, and the percentage difference between the contracted and currently executed quantities.

The basic features of this module are:

  • Default view of the current invoice
  • View any past invoice with just one click
  • Easily create the next situation
  • Easily track of non-agreement works
  • Related Measurement Book

2.4 BOQ recapitulation summary according to the different parameters

This module allows you to print the complete invoices

2.5 Measurement book

Measurement book is directly linked to the invoice overview.

Each item of the invoice is connected with the measurement book, with a detailed description and notes of the individual operation/works through correspondence Contractor-Project manager.
This module is used to control built quantities for each BOQ item / invoice.

2.6 Documents and Reports

All documents related to the selected project are uploaded to this module.
The basic document management functions are:

  • Upload and share documents with other users of the project.
  • Sending documents to everyone or just specific users.
  • Easy search documents and reports.

2.7 Construction Site Photo Gallery

For better visual monitoring of the construction site, the program offers uploads of photos from the site. This module enables:

  • Upload and share photos with other users of the project.
  • Easy search for photos by shooting date or name .
  • Upload photos with caption and date.