RCM manager

RCM - Rent a car manager

Online software for car hire companies.

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Rent@Car Manager is one of the first world application for running a car hire agency.

The software is designed in collaboration with people from the branch and covers all the situations that may occur in the car hire company, from rental agreement, invoicing, reservations and claims to the various statistical and financial reports.

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RCM manager

about RCM

The guiding principle in creating this program was to simplify and shorten the time the vehicle was issued to the client, but also to control the entire business proccess.
The advantage of the app is accessibility from any computer or cellphone with internet access. You do not need an installation CD or DVD to use the application, and all interventions, changes and updates are done online and in real time.

Our customer service is at your disposal 24 hours a day.

RCM annually manages:

25 Car hire companies
90 000 Reservations
26 000 Damages
6300 Vehicles
442 Users
122 Rental stations
10 XML integrations

Basic Program Features
"RCM - Rent a car manager"

  • Rental agreements
  • Reservations
  • Transfers
  • Invoicing and finantial modul
  • Fleet management
  • Damage processing and reports
  • Long term lease
  • Prepaid rental agreements and reservations
  • Vehicle Service Booklet
  • Daily rates and different extras prices
  • Incoming invoices and cost overview
  • Daily cash flow
  • Reports (financial, operational and other)
  • ...everything else you may or may not need

Dashboard - Control Panel

Online software for car hire companies.

  • Basic and current office information
  • Daily activities of users
  • Alarms for registration, service, leasing...
  • Current activities of all users
  • Availability of vehicles and reservations
  • Internal Messenger
  • Online Employee List

Rental agreements

  • Different ways of opening agreements.
  • Automatic withdrawal of reservation information.
  • Autocomplete fields for clients, vehicles, brokers, bookings (as we have them stored in the system)
  • PREPAID agreements (no rental price visible)
  • Alarms for the selected vehicle
  • Multiple pricing options (from pricelist, manual entry, arrangement price)
  • Blacklist Client Verification
  • Integration of CREDIT CARD READERS
  • Super-fast 2-click agreement closure
  • Vehicle damage records for each vehicle transfer


  • Ordinary and prepaid reservations
  • Simple data transfer from reservation to agreement
  • Search reservations by status (Open, Confirmed, Canceled, Closed, Rejected)
  • Reports by bookers

Vehicle Transfers

Vehicle Transfers covers all vehicle movements when the vehicle is not rented.

  • Different types of transfers (SERVICE, WASH, TRANSFER, INDIVIDUAL TRANSFER, TANKING with subgroups)
  • Tracking the cost of each transfer (fuel, toll, driver ...)
  • Record and directory of external transfer drivers
  • Vehicle damage records for each transfer ticket

Invoices and Finance

With RCM- Rent a Car Manager you have a complete system for invoicing from multiple locations/rental stations, FISCALIZATION and financial reports.
All invoices are saved and can be viewed and printed anywhere at any time.

4 different account types can be created:

  • Invoice (R1)
  • Prepay invoice
  • Storno invoice
  • Book Notice

Osnovne karakteristike ovog modula su:

  • Advanced search engine
  • Different invoice statuses: PAID, PARTIALLY PAID and UNPAID.
  • Overview of invoice's payment history
  • FISCALIZATION (where available)
  • Cash flow owerview and daily reports
  • Creating multi-currency invoices
  • Create invoices without connection to rental agreement
  • Automatic invoice issuing at agreement closing (unless otherwise specified)
  • Payment overview by payment method
  • Automatic invoicing for multiple rental agreements (long term lease or prepaid reservations)
  • E-invoice integration
  • PDF invoice
  • Incoming invoices

  • Vehicle Management
    • View and filter all vehicles in the fleet
    • Overview of vehicle movements based on all transfer tickets and agreements issued
    • Income and number of rental days summary for each vehicle.
    • Dodavanje vozila u podnajam
    • Vehicle archiving.
    • Fleet Status Overview - Chart View of Different Parameters
    • Equipment records
    • Importing a list of vehicles from EXCEL sheets
    • Edit vehicle groups (SIPP, ACRIS code)
    • Photos of the vehicle
    • Registration expiry, leasing, service, fire extinguishing alarm...
    • Graphic DAMAGE REPORT
    • DAMAGE REPORTS with photo uploads

    Basic program features

    • Uunlimited number of rate lists
    • Online / offline office indicator overview
    • Employee Overview
    • Access privileges for each employee
    • Overview of employee logging time
    • Customer/Clients overview. Enrollment is possible manually but also automatically after the contract is opened
    • BROKER / BOOKER Overview
    • Client Blacklist
    • Transfer Driver Directory
    • Program Usage Activity Log


    Below are just some of the reports generated by RCM.

    • Tabular overview of vehicles in RENT, TRANSFER and IDLE status by groups and offices for a defined date
    • Monthly Vehicle Availability Graphs
    • Office earnings report over date, period and type of payment
    • View rental statistics by different criteria
    • ...


    Using RCM avoids ordering a company memorandum to print agreements, invoices and other documents. Also no additional needle or special printers are required to print documents.

    RCM prints the contents of the document and a header with information about the company or office that issued the document. RCM generates the following documents, which are printed on ordinary printers on plain A4 paper:

    • Rental Agreements
    • Damage report (graphical representation of damage to a vehicle attached to a contract)
    • Invoices
    • Transfer tickets / Service Work Order (SWO)
    • Reservations
    • Credit Card authorisation form
    • Client Financial Card
    • Record of Damage

    In addition to considerable paper savings, savings are visible in sending individual documents between offices by fax or mail. Each office can print any document from the system at any time.